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Web/App Development

Desktop, tablet or phone, App or SaaS, we've got you covered. The team at Torch has been working in the app, game and online space since the mid-90s when the world was still using modems and Google was in beta. We have on launched major brands first web sites, provided sticky re-designs or helped move them to next gen mobile SaaS and/or CMS platforms. Todays’ sites need to perform and navigate just as good, if not better, on mobile devices than their laptop or desktop cousins. Apps need to be smartly designed, light and efficient, otherwise they will end up deleted, if ever considered for a download in the first place. But, don’t let that scare you, we are here to help you solve these issues and succeed. Our team of experts will help you plan and execute, your projects, so don’t worry success is close at hand.

Virtual Reality/AR

VR/AR, we love it, just let us unleash our creativity for you. There are a variety of uses for VR and AR. We have used Virtual Reality to entertain by creating animation, music and sports related projects for clients like Nickelodeon, Wu Tang and Major League Baseball. It can also be used to advertise, demonstrate and market products like we have done for companies such as Apple, DeBeers and Steve Madden. We have used it to archive as well for clients like Calvin Klein and Sesame Street. Our latest goal is to use AR(Augmented Reality) to help educate in subjects like language and science.

Media Production

Born on Broadway, we know TV, on demand and the web. With more than 20 years in the Media and Entertainment space, we know how to entertain and why… to bring eyes, tell a story and make money. Whether it is traditional linear brand building and product advertising we understand the game. We also know how to co-brand and make your mark within the media you are using. Your brand or product should fit seamlessly and impactfully into the media channel you are using. Not to mention, if the space you are using is online or mobile, it should consider exactly where a consumer is located and in what part of the purchase process they are in to close the sale… if not the next company will.

Digital Marketing

This is our space and we always deliver on point. We were born out of the need for agile marketing in the digital space. Most ad agencies don’t have the all the required internal resources and fortune 500 companies while the have the budget, might not have the required expertise out side of their space. Here at Torch Digital, we work to bridge those needs while providing the expertise and resources they need. We can support their internal needs, outsource elements or produce the project end to end. We can start at the concept stage by understanding the business requirements or we can come in and help get your project back on track and to market.

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